Patricia Stanton

Patricia Stanton

Patricia was raised in the Teepee Creek area on a mixed family farm of grain and purebred Simmental cattle, where she was an active participant. She was a 4H member and active on both local and provincial boards in the cattle industry.

After graduating from Sexsmith Secondary school. She attended the GPRC and completed her diploma majoring in accounting. She started working for Davis and Kohlsmith right after graduation. She worked there for 7 years and was the office manager at the time of her departure to go full time farming.

After some time away from the accounting/bookkeeping field she returned to industry and worked as a bookkeeper at a couple local businesses. In 2004, Patricia opened the classifieds to find Davis, Kohlsmith and Kay were looking for an office manager. She immediately applied and rejoined the accounting office and many of her former co-workers. She started technician work and oversaw the personal tax preparation department. When Davis, Kay & Co. relocated, she was part of the relocation.  She worked as an Accounting Technician and bookkeeper.

Patricia married her husband, Randal in 2006 and in 2008 they welcomed their son Brandon into their family. After his arrival, Patricia worked part time and shortly after started bookkeeping from home.

After taking on many mutual Davis, Kay & Co. clients, Patricia left the firm and went full time bookkeeping from her home office.  Always to return for personal tax season (just couldn’t resist!). When Fulcrum Group was formed, she worked 3 tax seasons for them.

Patricia just recently rejoined the firm again in September. She is part of the bookkeeping and technician departments and is very excited to see many long-time clients that she has enjoyed working with over the years and is happy to be back in this familiar environment.

If you don’t find Patricia working (which is rare). You can find her enjoying acreage life with her husband, camping, playing with her dogs and watching her son swim competitively across Alberta.