Why Work Here?

Fulcrum Group strives to be the leading accounting firm in the Peace Region and an employer of choice. Not only do we draw on the collective talent of our expert staff to serve a wide range of needs, we also invest in creating a strong company culture. That means we care about the people inside and outside of our business. We put a focus on building a learning culture, where our accountants can expand their careers and skillsets.

Working at Fulcrum Group means developing your skills along side people who are eager to develop theirs, as well as contributing your individual knowledge and expertise. As we continually shape the vision and goals of our company, while maintaining a strong work ethic and high-quality service, your input is a valuable addition to the core of our business.

Fulcrum Group is dedicated to building a solid foundation for generations of accountants and clients to come. Join our company and become a part of building a foundation for the future of accounting.

A Bit About Fulcrum Group

Fulcrum Group Chartered Professional Accountants formed in 2017. This occurred after Rozema Lofstrom Kimble LLP and Davis, Kay & Co LLP merged together. Since we began with merging of two companies, we understand the importance of collaboration and teamwork.

At our core, we are heavily dedicated to serving our communities to the best of our capabilities. We believe in taking care of our employees and our clients, while maintaining a strong work ethic and high-quality of service.

In short, Fulcrum Group was built on a solid foundation of experienced accountants. We aim to continue building this foundation for generations of accountants (clients) who are yet to come.

Learn more about our company and its history.

Job Openings

CPA Student

The CPA Student will be responsible for developing their skills in accounting, tax, client communication, file management and overall professional development. Duties and responsibilities of the position: Prepare correspondence, technical reports, client summaries, and presentations outlining engagement findings, facts, and

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Accounting Technician / Bookkeeping

The Accounting Technician / Bookkeeper will be responsible for applying and developing their skills in bookkeeping and file preparation. This person will apply a more hands on approach in working with clients to ensure that records are accurate. Experience with

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Our team expands slowly and thoughtfully and it is time to bring on a new team member. We are not in the business of expanding and retracting team members-we want people in positions that will grow as our company grows.

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Audit Manager

The Audit Manager will be responsible for overseeing audits at Fulcrum Group. This role will work with a mixture of not-for-profits and other businesses looking to assess their internal controls, risk management, processes used in financial reporting, quality assurance in

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