Tax Tips – Line 22900 – Other Employment Expenses

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Tax Tips – Line 22900 – Other Employment Expenses

A reminder that if you are claiming other employment expenses, the following documentation should be kept on hand in case of CRA review:

  • a daily record of your expenses, together with your receipts and any cancelled cheques
  • any ticket stubs for travel
  • invoices
  • any monthly credit card statements
  • a record of each motor vehicle you used for employment. This record must show both the total kilometres you drove and the kilometres you drove for employment purposes in the year

Your receipts for the purchase of merchandise or services have to show the following:

  • the date you made the purchase
  • the name and address of the seller or supplier
  • your name and address
  • a full description of the goods or services you bought
  • information regarding the GST/HST you paid on your expenses, or the rate of tax if you are claiming the GST/HST rebate for employees

More information regarding other employment expenses can be found on the Government of Canada’s website.

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